Deliverance From The Sin of Gluttony

The sin of gluttony is a serious matter. Due to a lack of teaching, other sins linked to the appetites such as the appetite for sex and alcohol are vigorously condemned when they are abused or when one indulges in them out of God’s will.

However, the sin of gluttony which is uncontrolled indulgence in food is hardly ever mentioned. This is very unfortunate. We clearly affirm that the person who commits adultery once and the one who commits gluttony once are both walking in the flesh and are both condemned before God. If there is no place in the kingdom of God for the adulterer or the fornication who continues in his sin, it is certain that there will be no place in the kingdom of God for the glutton who continues in his sin of gluttony. That being the case, deliverance from the sin of gluttony becomes imperative.

In this book, we are not laying down rules for eating. Neither are we giving practical methods for reducing weight. We have rather shown the way that leads to the deliverer, the Holy Spirit, for He alone delivers the captives.

May the Lord help you as you read, to enter into freedom from the worship of food, so that you may become a worshipper of the living God.

This is imperative because no glutton can truly worship the living God. He can only be worshipped by people with pure hearts and who are filled with the Holy Spirit, gluttony prevents one from having a pure heart and from being filled with the Holy Spirit.

We are very conscious of the fact that no one can deliver himself from gluttony. Do not try to set yourself free. If you try, you may succeed for some time but it will be short-lived. Surrender yourself with your problem to the Holy Spirit who lives in you and submit yourself to his treatment. He will succeed and then you too will succeed. You will be set free and your freedom will be permanent.