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The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Basic Christian Doctrine


The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Basic Christian Doctrine” is an anthology of 13 priority books on the basic doctrines of the Christian life by Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum. Anyone who begins the Christian walk without them may be limping along the narrow way instead of running or cruising in it.

“The Way of Life” pulls open the curtains into the wonders of abundant life in Christ. It shows you how to recognise and pull out of the old sinful and sinning nature unto abundant life in Christ Jesus.

Then “The Way of Obedience” navigates you through some basic areas of obedience, the obedience of which, yields you separation from the world unto Christ. To continue to walk with Christ intelligently and intelligibly, you are introduced to and taken through “The Way of Discipleship.”

Those who receive Jesus and believe in His name in this way are immediately justified or covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. The next thing Jesus does for them as they continue to walk with Him is to sanctify them, grant them His character, His power, His encouragement, and His love.

After a certain level of maturity, the disciple is thrust into the Way of Christian Service, of victorious praying and of spiritual warfare. As he continues to serve the Lord by serving His people and creation, he inevitably goes through suffering for Christ through persecution, penury, hardship, harshness, trials, troubles and tribulations.

If the suffering disciple consistently perseveres under trial and stands the test, he gains access to “the Way of the Overcomers” (James 1:12). Many people have shipwrecked their hard found faith because they shunned and rejected the way of suffering for the Lord.

The Lord is looking for Christlike disciples. The way series, if read and studied, will propel you from being a new convert, believer or church member into the kind of disciple that Jesus commanded. In this way, the foundation for enduring spiritual leadership will be laid. Would you like to become a disciple that pleases the Lord? If ‘Yes,’ this anthology is an indispensable vehicle to carry you through to destination.

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