Enjoying The Choice of Your Marriage Partner

Enjoying The Choice of Your Marriage Partner


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Marriage was meant to be a wonderful experience. It was meant to be a kind of “heaven on earth.” However, for many people, it has turned out to be “hell on earth.” We believe that the good marriages can be made better and the bad ones made good. That is what this book is about. In it, you will discover how to “ENJOY THE MARRIED LIFE.” There are a number of factors that contribute to making the married life enjoyable. We have discussed these factors. They include:

  • The fundamental problem and the lasting solution.
  • Sexual matters.
  • Money matters.
  • Children in marriage.
  • Servants in the marriage home.
  • Relatives and the married life, and other topics.

The topics discussed in this book make it important for

  • husbands and wives
  • children and servants
  • relatives and everybody.

It is also good reading for those who intend to be married someday. It is an ideal gift to your parents, children, servants, relatives, and friends.

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