Life-Changing Thoughts on prayer (Vol. 5)

Life-Changing Thoughts on prayer (Vol. 5)


Prayer is central to any work and to any move of God.

We have been burdened for very many years now about praying, and are labouring to pray ever increasingly.

We have been burdened about the centrality of prayer and have laboured to lead individuals into seeing the necessity of prayer and to actually pray. We have been burdened to lead churches into seeing the necessity of prayer and into praying. As I prayed alone, and as we travelled and taught about prayer, I took down key thoughts for myself that came through, as I prayed alone, as I led others in prayer and as we taught on prayer.

In this book, we share with you some of the thoughts that came through between the 02nd of March 2005 and the 19th of February 2008.

Our prayer is that by God’s grace you will find in this book some thoughts that will revolutionise and stir your heart to pray and pray and pray.

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