The Christian And Money

The Christian And Money


In this book, Z.T.  Fomum talks about stewardship to the Lord manifested in giving to God. Stewardship means we give Him back everything because all we are, will ever be; all we have and will ever have, belong to Him.

The author puts forth consecration as a fundamental prerequisite for a financial sacrifice to God and His work that are approved. God is interested first and foremost in you, before your sacrifice.

The author also highlights the benefits of consecration. Consecration enables us to belong to the Lord together with our tithes.  It is, therefore, necessary to know the fullness of the Holy Spirit and deliverance from the world's system as well as of freedom from the "I."

Gifts to God and to the work of God are true investments in heaven. They move God to release abundant blessings for believers who give;  especially if they give with love, established in a covenant with God.

This is an important book that is easy to read and having a clear message.

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